IEEE Kerala Section WIE Annual General body meeting 2018 was held on 10th
June 2018 at Aashir Bhavan Kochi. The program was inaugurated by watering
a plant at 10.45am. The event had participation from of 68 students spread
across 3 hubs.

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IEEE SCTSB was honoured to host IGNITE 4.0, the annual flagship event of Women In  Engineering IEEE Travancore Hub on 27,28 and 29 July 2018. The event saw a participation  of 100+ students from all over the state.

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SHE (Style Her Enigma)  2018

The IEEE Kochi Hub Women In Engineering Congress, SHE 2018 was held on 21st and 22nd of December, 2018 at Government Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara. The event saw a participation of 120+ delegates from across the section, a vast majority of them being girls. This year, we had restructured the congress to better benefit the students by including effective programs like Industrial Visits and Peer-to-Peer learning sessions.

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AVENSIS’18 – The IEEE Malabar Hub WiE Congress was conducted at Government Engineering College Wayanad on 23rd and 24th December 2018 with a new face. With a very robust and fervent 125 participants from across Malabar region and 45 exuberant volunteers, AVENSIS’18 began its endeavor on 23rd of December and rose to two day successfully till 24th of December.  Special gratitude to Branch Counsellor of Government Engineering College Wayanad, Mr. Shabeer K P along with his army of steadfast and meticulous IEEE volunteers.

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Wie wave 2.0

March 8th is internationally celebrated as Women’s Day. To celebrate the spirit of womanhood, the student community of IEEE Kerala Section; Women in Engineering team of IEEE LINK decided to commemorate the essence of being a woman. The highlight of the wave was that the events conducted, from financial arrangements to transportation arrangements; were coordinated exclusively by girls.

With the theme “Embrace & Empower”, the WIE team was able to pass on a single motto, to make our girls independent in all terms. Each HUB found a way to reach out to their members. With workshops and sessions conducted under this banner; we had multiplied the satisfaction of members as well as the WIE events. Women’s Day activities of IEEE LINK were conducted under the name ‘WIE Wave’. More than 120 events were conducted across Kerala, each parading the never fading fire and passion within them.

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Event distribution of WIE WAVE 2.0
Event distribution of WIE Wave 1.0 and WIE Wave 2.0
HUB wise event distribution of total 120 events


The IEEE WIE STAR Program was developed to address the growing concern that, at a young age, girls are discouraged from careers in mathematics, science, and engineering. This educational outreach program promotes involvement of IEEE members with local junior high and high schools in order to create a positive image of engineering careers.
IEEE WIE STAR was organised by IEEE KERALA SECTION with an active participation of most Student Branches. The event was organised HUB wise starting from June 2018.


Throughout the process of implementation the core aim was to enrich the technical and social skills of school students to make them independent in the society as well as to help them to grow as a person.Each HUB was given their own space of how to carry forth the WiE Star in their HUBs.


The IEEE Kochi Hub hosted the third edition of one of it’s most successful Women In Engineering (WIE) Events – the WIE Star event, Enlighten 3.0 this year.Enlighten 3.0 is a Women In Engineering initiative by the IEEE Kochi Hub that focuses on benefiting the school students’ community of the five different zones coming under the Kochi Hub.

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WIEDZA – WIE STAR program of IEEE Travancore Hub  is conducted every year under IEEE WIE .Basically  it  was developed to address the growing concern ,of girls being discouraged to pursue an engineering career. It all works on the idea that none should be deterred the right to enter the engineering world full of fun, logic and surprises . This educational outreach program promotes involvement of IEEE members with local junior high and high schools in order to create a positive image of engineering careers. Every Student branch are asked to select volunteers from each sb and conduct this event.


A companion to wisdom – Contessa was a bridge laid by IEEE student volunteers of Malabar Hub to motivate and encourage young budding engineers. The third edition of Contessa – Contessa 3.0 – aims to build a bridge, for higher secondary students, in their path towards the world of technologies and engineering.

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